Can Reiki Help You?

Reiki and Wellness

Reiki can assist in many ways, including:

  • Pain relief.
  • Better sleep.
  • Enhanced relaxation.
  • Removing energy blockages.
  • Better immunity, mood and vitality.
  • Lifting the emotions and greater subtle insight.


Reiki sessions through Cincinnati Five Element Reiki are available by appointment in Finneytown. Appointments can also be arranged at your home or business as well. The initial appointment consists of an interview that includes questions that help the process of determining your Five Element energetic make-up, and a way to proceed.

Reiki is done with the recipient on a massage table, and fully clothed, except for shoes. The Five Element technique addresses areas where energetic support is indicated based on the initial interview and ongoing dialogue. There are a number of hand positions, which are administered at specific points on the body for several minutes each. On some hand positions, a light form of acupressure is used to facilitate chi movement, when needed. The session also allows for the recipient to draw in needed chi energy through universal life force. This universal life force does not come from the practitioner, who is merely a facilitator. The session form varies, depending on the needs of the recipient.

Reiki as a system is not about trying to force change, or impose anything. It is about creating the “safe space” internally which assists in letting go of resistance, and allowing the natural changes and energy movement that happens in our life. In this way, we are more in touch with our whole being, from body to spirit, and tend to cling less to unwanted conditions over time. Many report having greater clarity, and an easier time with situations and conditions that were formerly more difficult.  Many have reported states of relaxation that are more profound then any ever experienced, and shifts of awareness as well. And, many have found Reiki to be of assistance in combination with other activities, such as Yoga, psychotherapy, meditation practice, and medical treatment.

For questions, or to schedule, call 513-681-1655.

Session appointments must be scheduled by phone, and cannot be scheduled by text or email.

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