Five Element Reiki

Five Element Reiki

After learning Traditional Japanese Reiki in with Dave King in 1998, and after having taught Western Reiki for four years prior to that, I was intrigued by the fact that Reiki was actually developed from a background that included Buddhist meditative practice, Taoism, and Classical (pre-communist China) Chinese Medicine principles. It should be noted that all these disciplines were introduced to Japan, the birthplace of Reiki, in the sixth century A.D., and have been a part of Japanese medicine, and some spiritual practices for centuries.  One of the core teachings of Chinese Medicine and Taoism is Five Element theory.

Five Element theory is a very accurate description of the natural cycle of life energy at every level of our known existence. It is based on the observation of nature over extremely long periods of time by highly disciplined Taoist adepts. This knowledge has been intact for thousands of years. In Reiki and other forms of energy work, Five Element describes the natural flow and quality of life energy in the physical and energy bodies. It is in fact, a way of understanding and refining the connection between the consciousness of our spirit and soul, and the dualistic universe that is common ground to all of us. These teachings are expanded even more with the non-dual teachings of Taoism, which provides a model for understanding manifestation in Nature in a wider context.

Some of this knowledge began to return with the research and travel to Japan by western practitioners in the late 1990’s as part of an effort to rediscover the roots of Reiki.

As I continued to grow in my knowledge and application of Five Element theory, I found that what I was teaching in my classes really did not cover the scope of what I was doing in my session work with others. Then the idea hit me to develop classes in which I teach the session form and principles that I work with myself. I have completed the introductory and advanced practitioner classes so far, and expect to develop at least two more in the future.

These classes were initially for those who already had at least level one training in a standard Reiki class, however, I have changed the introductory class so that it can be taught to those new to Reiki as well. I have made Five Element very approachable and understandable in this training, and can demonstrate the natural way it explains what is happening in the energy healing session. The information is not really new, but brings forward ancient information implicit in every form of energy healing, even modern systems.

Level One Introductory Five Element Reiki Class

  • What is Five Element Reiki?
  • Chi, Five Elements, and the root of manifestation.
  • Yin and Yang
  • Five Elemental Qualities.
  • The Cycle of Creation .
  • The Control Cycle and preserving balance.
  • Five Elements and the Meridians.
  • The Five Element Reiki Session Form.
  • Demonstration of Five Element Session Form.
  • Practical: Pairing up to practice a full Five Element Reiki session with a partner.
  • Length: about eight hours, with take-home practicals.

There is also an attunement given for this system in the first Five Element class.

Level Two Five Element Reiki Advanced Practitioner Class

  • Introduction & review.
  • Where to go from the basic session form.
  • Interviewing your client and elemental indicators.
  • Getting your client into deep “healing space”.
  • Specialized hand position theory for varying the session form according to need.
  • Practice new hand positions.
  • Integration into standard session form, and using intuition.
  • Practical: Student session trade with intake interview.
  • Length: about eight hours, with take-home practicals.

The Advanced Practitioner class demonstrates that out of the hundreds of possible hand positions that one can use in a Reiki session, there are certain points on the meridian system (energy network system) as a whole that are quite effective for specific qualities of  life energy support. Excellent intuitive healers tend to find these points by “feel” or intuition. This class covers two major groups of these powerful points that are employed in the expanded Five Element session form.

This is not “new” or “secret” information. It is, once again, an integration of the root knowledge from which Reiki was originally developed as a practice.

Because of the focused nature of these classes, I’m offering them only as private classes by appointment only, and in groups no larger than four students. You can do this class by scheduling a group of two or more of your fellow practitioners along with you. I’m strongly recommending either a group of two, or four people since there is a good deal of practice in pairs involved in this training.

The fee structure is as follows for private group full-day introductory and Advanced Practitioners Five Element classes:

Two students $300 each.

Four students $250 each.

Please note: All classes can only be offered by appointment only, and you must have at least two people in order to schedule a private class. You must also provide the venue for the training. Travel fees may apply for classes outside the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

For questions, or to schedule, call 513-681-1655.

Session appointments and classes must be scheduled by phone call, and cannot be scheduled by text or email.

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