Bruce Davis, Teacher – Practitioner: Five Element Reiki & Traditional Japanese Reiki

Bruce Davis has been practicing Reiki since 1993, and providing Reiki practitioner training and session work professionally since 1995. In 1972 at age fourteen, he became fascinated with Zen, and the underlying philosophy of Oriental medicine after his brother visited China and Japan to study martial arts. In 1993, Bruce decided to leave his corporate career to pursue the full-time practice of Reiki after a personal healing experience upon completing the second training level.

Bruce completed Teacher training in Usui/Tibetan Reiki in 1993-1994, and completed levels one through four of Traditional Japanese Reiki with internationally known teacher, Dave King, in 1997-1998. The training strongly emphasized further practical study of the body’s meridian system and five element theory in relation to the session process. This led to a deeper interest in the Eastern roots of Reiki and energy healing as a whole. Then ensued a great deal of research, and practical application involving the input of many practitioners with collaborative study.

In 2008, a professional practice breakthrough led to training devoted to the vital inclusion of the teachings outlined above. The training develops logic and intuition in the practitioner through the understanding of five element and meridian theory, and their Taoist roots.

In working with others, Bruce employs a diversified session technique which includes Reiki practice and gentle acupressure.

Bruce currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, where his Reiki practice, Cincinnati Five Element Reiki, is centered.


Phone: 513-681-1655

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